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This is Motherhood Coaching


Welcome! You’ve been planning for your sweet baby ever since you saw those two pink lines. You have hopes for a perfect nursery, a perfect wardrobe and maybe even a perfect birth. But have you planned or thought about your 4th trimester? Whether you are still rocking your bump and wanting to prepare for your transition prom pregnancy into motherhood or your little bundle has already made their grand entrance and you want to gain control, confidence and support than you’re in the right place!

Having a baby is overwhelming.

Mama, I remember those days. The fun, yet overwhelming days of pregnancy. Planning the perfect gender reveal, the perfect nursery, the perfect outfits – even the perfect birth. You want to be an amazing mom. You want to jump right back in, find your new “normal”, even maintain the “normal” you have now. I know you want to feel like yourself again and figure out who you are now as a mom and understand your new identity.  You want to keep up with your friends, your business, your home projects – hey even your husband. You want a happy, well rested, healthy baby. You want to do more than just survive motherhood, you want to thrive in it.

I totally get it.

I know you want a normal routine with some predictability, so that you can make some plans, go out to dinner with your husband or be able to fit some “me time” in your week. I know you want sleep. I know you want a smooth transition from pregnant mama to brand new mama. You want this little one to be the perfect addition to your family and not the sole focus of your life.

You want to avoid those new parent traps and horror stories. You want to be the mom that takes each new phase, challenge and growth spurt in stride and has grace when your day(s) don’t measure up to your expectations.

I get it.

I’ve wanted that too. I want that too.  And with a new baby, that seems impossible. It seems impossible to feel confident, in control and happy. We tend to think that parenting comes naturally since it is a natural part of life after all – ha! But it doesn’t. It’s like anything new, it takes trial and error and you’ve got to learn. And in today’s society, there is so much added pressure to do it all perfectly.

Maybe you have a huge support network. Your mom, your husband, your neighbor, your sister who lives right down the road, a bunch of co-workers who are new moms too. But they want to come visit you, they want to see how you are doing. They want to come, cuddle your baby and then head out when it’s time for dinner. They want to offer advice, share parenting stories, tell you how they used to do things. They want to visit when you are happy and when baby is happy and when everyone is well rested. They want you to come out for a girls lunch and bring your precious new baby all dressed up in the cutest outfits and be around when things are going smoothly and you’re in control and feeling confident. They want to be around for the fun stuff and none of the work.

That is ok! I get it. It’s totally normal and exactly how it should be. They are there to support you, encourage you and make you smile. And that is awesome! But low and behold – you’ve got to be the one to put the hard work in to have fun. That is where I come in. If you want it all but don’t feel like doing this whole new parenting thing trial and error style, we’ll be the perfect team. You can have it all and more. And you deserve to have it all and more.

What I’m Here For

I am here to help guide you, to listen to you, to support you. To help with the in’s and outs of the murky waters of parenting. I am here to help you enjoy that transition, to bond with your baby and build your confidence in motherhood. I am here to guide you through new mamahood. I’ll be here to help you find a sense of confidence, control and balance during your pregnancy and new motherhood. I am here to help you build healthy routines, self care habits and a balance in all the baby trends. What is realistic and what is overwhelming. I am here to help you understand baby’s cries, establish healthy sleeping habits and understand what their innate schedule so that you can confidently and consistently respond.

You’ll know what to do, when to do it and in control as a new parent. Routine also means that you will have predictible down time to practice self care, relax, get some work done and even be able to have an uninterrupted meal with your hubby. I’m all about making sure your baby’s needs are met so that your needs are met.

Let me dive into this a little more…

When your baby is struggling with sleep and has decided that their social hours are between 2-3am you won’t be getting the sleep you want or need. You are more likely to catch a cold, have a tiff with your hubby, feel stressed out and wind up skipping your self care practices like taking a shower or reading a book. That’s no good and it totally doesn’t need to be that way. How, you ask, do you avoid issues like this? You start “talking” with your baby. The key is to learn your baby’s cues and innate schedules so you can consistently and efficiently respond to them. And when their needs are met, your needs are met. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?! It’s not!


A few things we will cover, depending on your needs:








This is for you if:

  • You are still pregnant or your little bundle is under 12 weeks.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed with all of the pregnancy, baby and real-life to do’s.
  • You are exhausted, not getting any sleep and feel like life is a bit chaotic
  • You feel overwhelmed and a bit crazy because you live with a little dictator who eat, sleeps and poops with no warning or schedule
  • You’d like a routine so you can have some predictable down time
  • You’re looking for a “quick-fix” intensive
  • You’ve already got some amazing support but need some expert guidance
  • You’ve identified some worries and issues and want some help fixing them
  • You feel your baby already has some “bad habits” and you want to nip them in the butt
  • You have a lot of pregnancy and baby related questions but no real answers
  • You’re ready to invest in your family and your sanity







This is for you if:

  • You are currently pregnant or your little one is under 8 weeks
  • You’re in the thick of pregnancy and new mama overwhelm
  • You’ve heard parenting horror stories and you want to avoid them
  • You want to avoid and tackle mommy quilt
  • You’d like to be proactive and set the ground work for an easy and enjoyable transition from working to baby and then on
  • You would like a predictable routine so you can shower, go to a mommy group or get your workout in
  • You like to sleep and would love to be well rested
  • You understand the importance of self care and date night and want those often
  • Your ready and willing to invest in your family’s future
  • You want to have a happy, well rested baby
  • You want to really understand your baby’s cues, cries and needs
  • You’d like to take the guess work out of parenthood
  • You’d like to have a baby, postpartum and infant sleep expert on hand for every question and concern you come up with
  • You want to have a special bond with your newborn
  • You’d like to enjoy the first few weeks with your new, growing family
  • You want to feel confident, in-control and sane as a new parent








This is for you if:

  • You are currently pregnant or your little bundle is under 8 weeks
  • You are overwhelmed thinking about how life will change when your sweet baby arrives
  • You want to create the special bond and a smooth transition into motherhood
  • You feel you could use a confidence boost
  • You want to feel more prepared and really know that you’ve got this
  • You would love some predictability and routine to be able to get stuff done
  • You feel pretty good in certain areas but would love for an expert to boost you up in others
  • You may very little or no support in place
  • The thought of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety scares you
  • You have a lot of questions and want clear, easy to understand answers
  • You’d like to have simple tools and tricks to make your life easier
  • You’re looking for more balance for your baby, me-time, your marriage and your work.
  • You are looking for natural, safe, eco friendly changes you can make for your new baby
  • You want to enjoy this exciting new phase in life and thrive instead of survive.

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