My Story – A Little Bit at a Time

Let’s start with one of my favorites – this song fits my life so perfectly and it’s only the beginning of my story… My Story “If I told you my story You would hear Hope that wouldn’t let go And if I told you my story You would hear Love that never gave up And […]

Dear Dreamer

I have a crazy imagination. I always have. Unfortunately it has been the result of a lot of bad through out my life. I have had night terrors, I have been known to go in and out of depression and I have also lived in my head for a while (like alternate reality). When things […]

Our Unfaithfulness…God’s Persistant Love

Have you ever read Francine River’s Redeeming Love? If you haven’t, go out and get it now and read it, you won’t be disappointed. I have read it half a dozen times and never get through it with dry eyes. It is a love story mirrored off the book of Hosea, about a man who […]

What Facebook Doesn’t Show


I have had multiple people tell me lately that my life looks so put together and I look like I am doing everything right.  My response…”Thank you. Why do you say that?” Their response…”The pictures you post on Facebook are great!” Ohhhh Facebook – well almost all social media to be exact – you can […]

What If We Were Real?

One of the things I have a hard time with is being real. I get stuck in the thinking everything has to look perfect from the outside, that I can’t show my struggles, my insecurities, my sins. I find myself trying to make the outside look so nice and put together. But the inside looks totally […]

Seeing God In The Little Things – No Sleep and No Caffine!

A couple of weeks ago my pretty good sleeper starting fighting bed time, it would take him forever to fall asleep and it was a fight almost every night. Naps were even more of a fight during the day. I was left with an extremely over tired baby. I started to chalk it up to […]