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You’re sitting on the other side of the door, tears streaming down your face, your husband is having to hold you back (which you asked him to do in the logical, non-emotional moment before). All you want to do is open the door and comfort your baby. You’ve read a ton of books and online articles on baby sleep and sleep training methods and STILL every bedtime is a battle. You want to do the best you can for your children but every method you try leaves you stressed out, anxious and second guessing every little decision you make. You are overwhelmed about how you will get through these years of sleep deprivation but so uneasy going against your instinct and letting them just “cry it out”. you’re sitting on the other side of the door, tears streaming down your face, your husband is having to hold you back from opening the door and comforting your baby…

I’ve been there, if you can relate to some extent, you’re probably a good fit for the Infant Sleep Refresh Program.

I am a new mama coach and infant sleep educator helping new mom’s build the motherhood they are striving for and thrive in their roles as a mama. I work with you to uncover the root behind the issues you and your family are facing and guide you to create empowering solutions for lasting change that protects and embraces the special bond you have with your little one.

This program is especially for you if you are an overwhelmed, exhausted and at your wits end and are ready for a ‘no cry’ approach to infant sleep that not only WORKS but allows your baby to form a healthy relationship with sleep, which means you will have less sleep issues as they age!

How Will The Infant Sleep Refresh Program Help You

  1. We will work together to find a solution that is developmentally appropriate and respectful of your baby or toddler and provide foundational knowledge of the science behind infant and maternal sleep. Educating you on biological norms of infant sleep.
  2. Become more confident and sharply in tune with your instincts
  3. You will understand exactly what to expect and when because you will have more realistic expectations.
  4.  An overall big picture strategy that doesn’t just look at the baby’s perceived sleep issues but considers the overall health and wellness of the whole family.

What do you get?

  • a consult via phone or skype
  • Wellness Assessment for mama
  • Customized Sleep Strategy Package for your family
  • Follow up coaching call
  • Ongoing support for up to 2 weeks after delivering the Sleep Strategy Package for guidance through it’s implementaion

*limited spots available. Price will be significantly increasing.

You can choose to continue down your current path and  survive motherhood day by day, constantly wondering if its ever going to get better. You have been there and you know that this path leads to meltdowns, exhaustion and a lack of confidence in your motherhood journey.

The alternative, and the only way to transform your life and ditch the overwhelm, is to change your direction.


Today is your day. Make a new choice, choose a new path and break free from the mommy guilt, be the mama your children need. Claim the rest and confidence that’s waiting for you on the other side.

Want to know the best way to get a good nights sleep? Start early! Set the stage for good sleep habits so your baby can grow up knowing that bedtime is a safe and peaceful time.

*limited spots available. Price will be significantly increasing.


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