Hey Girl Hey!


I’m Nicole, single working mama of two busy little boys trying to break out of the traditional 9-5, embrace the chaos, and chase my wildest dreams. Coffee is my best friend, I workout like my life depends on it, and Jesus is my lifeline.


As ladies, we feel the pressure to balance everything and balance everything well. Good mamas, good employees, business owners, hustlers, with the perfect man, best of friends, cutest outfits, perfectly decorated homes, cooking healthy meals and staying in the best of shape. Girl, I totally feel that pressure too and you know what?! I gave up on trying to obtain that balance.


I’ve got two crazy boys, a full-time job and a part-time job (that doesn’t feel like a job because I adore the people I work with) that I work every other weekend. Oh, and can’t forget, I’m in school finishing my degree as well. I get busy! Life is never calm and balanced. Instead, I embrace my chaos and seek to only feel centered amongst the flurry. Single mom life, bills to pay, deadlines to meet, my degree to finish, meals to plan, soccer games to attend and adventures to go on, I can let them all overwhelm me or I can embrace them and count them as part of my many, many blessings.


It can be scary to embrace the chaos and take action anyway. Even the most ambitious of us feel that fear – but taking action anyways is what will set you apart. Trust me on this, I spent years, YEARS of letting that fear dictate my life. It overruled any action I wanted to take and held me back from so many things. Learning how to make that mindset shift, ignore the fear, stop trying to obtain balance, and bravely take imperfect action, has been key to seeing some direction and progress in my life and dreams.


The blog:

I started “The Buccio Clan” right after my oldest was born. I was a new mama, feeling the pressure of doing everything perfectly, not knowing what the heck I really was doing, and I was struggggling. I knew there was no way I was the only mama that felt that way, so I started documenting my journey. Five years later, another kiddo in tow and SO many life changes, here I am – still with a burning passion and drive to encourage and empower women to be the best versions of themselves – even if that means going against the norm. The blog is still an ever work in progress. Most of my posts make it into my drafts, and few actually get published – but I’m working on changing that. It’s taken me years to realize the value in my story and I know it’s not even close to finished yet. So, I hope you find encouragement, inspiration, imperfection, and the ever-faithful Grace of God throughout my words.