Here’s the deal – your niche is important, but…it’s not THAT important. 😉

Too many entrepreneurs focus on niche-ing wayyy too far down when they should really focus on identifying their audience, solving their problems + creating content that gives their audience value.

That’s why we focus on our simple, 4-part niche formula. Take your answers from this quiz and plug them into this formula below…

  • I help [Write Your Answer To Question 1 Here ]
  • By solving their problem of [ Write Your Answer To Question 2 Here ]
  • Through my [ Write Your Answer To Question 3 Here ]
  • In order to get the results of [ Write Your Answer To Question 4 Here ]


And just like that – that’s your niche!

Now, here’s the fun part (and why we asked that last question). It’s time to build an audience of people who fit your niche.

And the best way to do that is by attracting that audience on social media.

We get it – growing on social media can sound SO intimidating. But we’ve totally simplified it through our 30 Days Of Content Guide.

This guide is designed to take the guesswork out of what to post on social media so you can start building content that serves your ideal client + helps you get even more clear on your niche.

Click below to download this free guide and report back with your results in 30 days by tagging @itsme.nicoleturner on IG! I can’t wait to see how this supports you + your business.


PS – Want to see your niche fully written out? We’re sending this to your email so you can see your answers + your unique niche plugged into our niche formula above.


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