Just Write.

  I have this notebook called “Just Write”. I have always loved to write. It’s always been something that is comforting to me. But for a while, I was struggling coming up with stuff to say. I really wanted to be blogging but when I opened up my blog to write a new post my […]

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites Welcome to my new weekly post, Friday Favorites, about the things I’ve been crushing on the last week. Products, moments, people – all the things. Just a little slice of my world. One. Carnivals It’s the true sign of summer and the boys go crazy for them. Last Friday night, we took the […]

52 Weeks of Lists – Week Eight

Week Eight // List the ways I am at my best Good nights sleep Shower Hair dried & straightened Makeup on Cute (that I think is cute) outfit Heels Devotions read first thing in the morning My day organized Food in my belly Well hydrated Productive day Have had some me time ****Download List #8 […]

52 Weeks of Lists – Week Five

Week Five // List Your Current & Future Dreams & Goals Grow my blog Natural Birth Raise my children with morals and to know Jesus Run a half marathon Renew our vows Be debt free Grow my business Bring in an extra income from home Build my social media following Write a book Participate in […]

52 Weeks of Lists – Week Four

Sorry all, I am a day behind. I had a sick kiddo yesterday who needed lots of snuggles.     52 Weeks of Lists: Week Four // List The Things That Make You Feel Healthy Being outside Girltalk Reading my Bible Eating salad Home cooking Running sneakers Eight hours of sleep Drinking lots of water […]

21 Random Facts About Me

Welcome! I am so excited to be getting this blog up and running! It felt like June 1st would never get here and at the same time it came way to fast! I hope throughout my posts you will get to know me – my heart, my desires, what makes me tick and my personality. […]