Turn Dr. Bronners Bar Castile Soap into Liquid Castile Soap

In my attempts of going chemical-free a lot of the recipes call for organic castile soap. The liquid Dr. Bronner’s can be a bit pricey and I plan to use quite a bit of it. I have a liquid bottle of the Peppermint scented Dr. Bronner’s but I find that a bit too harsh to […]

Becoming a Chemical Free Home – Toilet and Glass Cleaner

The porcelain throne, the crapper, the john, the potty, the toilet. Whatever you choose to call it – it’s gross, the idea of it is gross, everything about it is gross. I feel like the phrase “a clean toilet” is an oxymoron. It’s more like a dirty toilet or a really dirty toilet. I think […]

Becoming A Chemical Free Home – Tub Cleaner

I hate to admit it, but…before I used it I didn’t believe it would work. But I don’t think I have been so happy to be proven wrong. I’ve never been much of a bath taker – I prefer showers. I never felt the tub, any tub, was clean enough to sit for a long […]

Seriously The Best Calzones … EVER

  We think so and hope you will too. This recipe is one of our FAVORITES! It’s super easy and tastes amazing! **You will need to go for a really long run the next five nights after you eat it** I make my own pizza dough and it usually makes about four personal sized pizza’s […]

Becoming a Chemical Free Home – The Introduction

Ever since having Sebastian, I have been ever so particular about how anything he touches gets cleaned. The thought of all the chemicals in what seemed like every cleaner scared me when I thought of Sebastian being exposed to them. I’ve never been a fan of cleaning products, something didn’t seem right to me when […]