Finding Alignment as an Ambitious Woman

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Welcome to She Speaks Brave, the podcast, the empowering space for ambitious female women , seeking alignment in mind, body, and soul, so they can step into their power and find their voice. I am your host, Nicole Turner, and I’m thrilled to embark in this transformation transformative journey with you today.

I wouldn’t be me without messing up at least one word. So just hang tight and get used to me speaking gibberish along with English. We’re gonna try for both. Well, we’re gonna try for the English, the gibberish is just part of the deal, so. But together, let’s explore the practical strategies and insights that will unleash your full potential and really allow you to step into your power, find your voice, and be good with who you are and what you’re doing.

So let’s dive in. Today’s episode is all about finding alignment and stepping into your power as an ambitious woman, entrepreneur or not ambitious woman is like enough, right? I have been ambitious for a long time and it took me a really long time of trying all these different things to find my thing . My goodness, like I have, I went to beauty school.

I’ve done nails, I’ve done hair. I have started a planner business. I had a business that, um, I created baby items. It was an e-commerce shop. Um, I have gone to interior design school and I’ve changed my major and then went to graphic graphic design school, and then I changed my major again to go into marketing and then business and.

I have tried all the things and um, I am here to tell you that finding alignment and stepping into your power, as an ambitious woman, whether you are multi-passionate or not, is just. Really important and empowering. We often hear about the importance of aligning our mind, body, and soul. But what does that truly mean?

Um, I know that when I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do or what my mission was or what my passion was and I was trying all these things, I. Didn’t feel at peace within myself. Part of me was trying to figure out who I was and why I was here and what, um, what my mission was. But I just, my, my thoughts and my actions and my, and my heart just kind of felt all over the place.

And, um, true alignment and the importance of aligning our mind, body, and soul. Really means that we find harmony within ourselves and, um, create a strong connection between our thoughts, actions, and innermost desires. And we can do that by still, while still being multi-passionate, but it’s finding that peace and that harmony, that’s the key.

And when you achieve this, Alignment. You tap into an incredible source of power and auth authenticity. There goes the gibberish, authenticity, and as well as you find your voice. So how can you begin your journey towards alignment and stepping into your power? It really just starts with self-awareness, knowing that that, um, That harmony and that peace is missing.

And taking time to really reflect on your values, your passions, and your aspiration. What drives you? What makes you come alive? Understanding yourself on that deeper level really allows you to align your actions with your true purpose and embark on a path that feels authentic and fulfilling. And as an.

As an ambitious woman, when we don’t take that step, it can lead into just a lot of unrest and a lot of searching, and a lot of feeling stuck. Um, And just because we do, I do wanna know it just because we do do the deep work and align our actions with our purpose. Um, it doesn’t always mean that we know every single step to take afterwards, but we do find, um, peace within ourselves to.

To, to have the courage and to embark on that path. Um, once you have the self-awareness, it’s time to then set clear intentions, define what success means to you, and not just what it may look like, but what it feels like. Envision the life and the business you desire. Um, envision. The feelings that you wanna feel when you reach the level of success that you want.

And one way I like to do this is really basing the feeling of success. What I wanna feel when I hit this goal, what is that feeling that I wanna feel? Do I wanna feel burnt out? Do I wanna feel, exhausted? And, And just way over it. But I hit that goal. That’s not the feeling I’m going after. I want to continue to feel that peace.

I wanna feel that satisfaction. Um, I want to know that I’ve still been able to be present with my life and that I’ve still been able to make an impact. Um, While hitting that goal. So just keep that in mind. Uh, you’re gonna have to let go of any limiting beliefs or doubts that may hold you back, believe in your capabilities and trust that you have everything within you to achieve your goals.

Uh, you are powerful and sometimes it just takes that deep inner work to. Let go of those beliefs that we have set that hold us back and any doubts that hold us back, uh, and, and really just believing in ourselves and then trusting ourselves. Um, it’s hard to trust ourselves when we are multi-passionate and, and sometimes when it takes us a while to figure out what we wanna be doing or how we want.

To, um, share our ambition or use our ambition, uh, we lose trust that we know what we want. Um, because when we’re ambitious, and maybe it’s not even just ambitious, but when, um, we just don’t quite know what we want, we feel discontent. But at the same time, we’re working hard towards something and, um, sometimes it just takes a little bit more, um, inner work to, to see where those feelings are coming up and, um, how to start building that trust within ourselves.

Um, Now aligning your mind, body, and soul requires nurturing each aspect. So let’s start with the mind cultivating a positive mindset by practicing gratitude. Visual visualization. Visualization. There we go with the gibberish again, and affirmations. While surrounding yourself with empowering, encouraging, inspiring resources and like-minded individuals who lift you up, um, Will feed your mind with the knowledge and the continuous personal growth.

Um, you are who you hang out with, and if you are hanging out with someone who doesn’t ha or someone people, your group of people, um, are holding you back, then maybe it’s time to find. People who are gonna also inspire you. Sometimes we don’t have complete control who we are hanging around with, but we do have control over how we let them affect our mindset and our personal growth.

Um, find people that are gonna feed into that. Find people who are along on this journey with you, and that’s what I hope. To, um, establish here within this podcast is a community of women who are like-minded, who are. Going to empower each other who are gonna uplift and encourage and pour into each other to make us our better selves and to encourage us to be our better selves.

Then we move on to the body, prioritizing self-care and wellbeing. And I know that self-care is one of those, um, Things that are always out there, and it’s like a buzzword that, oh, are you practicing self-care? I’m not telling you to go to the spa five days a week, or, um, do anything crazy, but you need to also realize that, um, Without you, you can’t continue on this mission without your health, without your wellness, and without, um, taking care of yourself.

And it’s definitely been a journey for me. I am not very good at taking care of myself. Just ask my husband. Um, everything else in the world comes first and then I go, oh, have I in today? So, um, I challenge you this to, to pay attention, to set good habits. Um, Sometimes we have to, um, set reminders and set alarm clocks and have these habits in place so that we do prioritize taking care of ourselves.

Um, fuel your body with nutritious food, engage in regular exercise, move your body when we gotta move in order to take the action that we need to take. Um, In our lives and our business to really come into our power, we need to make sure that we’re not stagnant and that means physically as well. So, um, Enjoy whatever it is, whether it’s walking, running, riding a bike, be chasing after your kids.

I mean, uh, I’m a mom of three boys. We are busy. But one of the things that’s very important to me is being able to keep up with my kids. And if I don’t move my body on a regular basis, I can’t keep up with my kids. And um, so that’s just one way we need to prioritize our wellbeing. Honor your body’s need for rest and rejuvenation.

You need to rest. Burnout leads to, inauthenticity and, not really allowing ourselves to step into our power. So remember, a healthy body creates a strong foundation for success, allowing you to show up fully in your business and in your life. Finally, it’s time to nourish our souls. What? Engage in practices that connect you with your inner wisdom and intuition.

Ways to do this is through meditation, journaling, spending time in nature or pursuing a creative outlet that you may have and that brings you joy. , I know. I’ve gone through different seasons where each one of these things has spoke to me over another. So sometimes it’s not gonna be the same thing, , that’s going to help you connect with yourself.

right now going on walks and being in nature is a daily must for me. Not just to move my body, but to get my head. Right within myself, it calms my insides, and it allows me to really. Reflect on what’s going on in my heart and in my head and in my body. So you’re gonna have to, to play around and see which one suits your life where you’re at right now.

It could be all of them. It could be none of them. It could be a mix of them. Um, but find something that allows you to connect with you. And to have conversations and to see how you’re doing and to, um, to really, um, Allow joy and peace into your soul. Um, listen to the whispers of your soul and honor what resonates deep within you.

That is big. So listen to it again if you need to l and, um, I’ll repeat it real quick, but listen to the whispers of your soul and honor what resonates deep within you. As you align your mind, body, and soul, you’ll notice a beautiful transformation taking place. Your confidence will soar. Your decision making will become more aligned with your purpose, and you’ll attract opportunities and people that support your journey.

Remember, alignment is not a one-time achievement. It’s a lifelong practice. This isn’t gonna just. Be a one and done kind of thing. This is gonna be something that’s going on in your life on a regular basis and at different times, different parts. Your mind or your body or your soul are gonna need a little bit extra love than the other, but embrace the journey, celebrate your progress, and keep expanding into your true power.

I mentioned in the last episode that there are a couple different ways that I wanna support you in this journey. I wanna support you in speaking your brave finding your voice, stepping into your true power, and, these are the ways that you can do that right now.

First, if you want to be on this podcast, let me know. Shoot me a DM on, Instagram or fill out the application in today’s show notes. I want your story here. I want to be a place, a platform. I want this podcast to be somewhere where you can get your voice and your story and your purpose and your passion heard.

So if you have something you wanna share, please. Fill out the application and join me on the podcast. I would love to have you. Secondly, if you have a question or if you have something that you want me to talk about or an expert you may want me to bring on, or, um, something specific that you wanna hear, reach out, let me know.

Shoot me a DM on Instagram at She Speaks Brave and let me know. . And then third, I have a new group program, that is a marketing membership .

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And implement it, to grow your business and to do it with purpose and intentionality and in a sustainable way so that you can have the freedom in your life and your business. , to make the impact you want, but to focus on what matters most to you. And, uh, that mentorship is called becoming her. And together we are going to work through what it takes to speak your brave and become who you truly are on the inside, that stepping into your power and unleashing your power, um, to just deepen the impact that you make.

So if you would like more information on that, um, you will also find that link in the show notes. And, I can’t wait to, um, get to know you better. I can’t wait to continue this journey with you and I really hope that you find as much value, um, from this as, um, As I do learning about it. ,and again, thank you for being here and I look forward to the next episode.

And, , I hope you found inspirational. Inspiration and practical guidance to align your mind, body, and soul, and really step into your power as an ambitious female. , remember, you have the courage within you to create the life and business of your dreams. See you later.



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