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I’m Back! How She Speaks Brave Started

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Episode Transcript

Hi, and welcome to She’s the Brave of the Podcast. Oh my goodness. I’m so excited to be back. Oh my goodness. Where do I start? Anyways, I started this podcast three years ago and I had big hopes and dreams for it, but I had no plan. So you know what? I didn’t stick with it and. That’s okay, because I wasn’t quite sure of the direction that I wanted to go with it.

And it took me a few years to really nail down my direction and to really hone in on my message. And I am here now and I’m excited to be back and I can’t wait to get this thing rolling again. So let’s. Go back a little bit and I wanna talk about She speaks brave. I started, she speaks brave. I, I pinned the name, coin, the name, whatever you wanna say it, about five years ago. At the time my life had kind of turned upside down. I made some really big life changes and I was working on figuring out my voice and who I was and where my place was in the world, and sure most people do that in their, I don’t know, teens and twenties. It took me till my thirties to do that.

And it’s just part of the journey. But I started, she speaks brave because I really had a passion and purpose on my heart to help other women find their voice and use their voice to make an impact on this world or on their world, whatever. World, wherever they wanted to make it. So leaving a legacy and using your voice to share your story and to find your power, and to own your power and to really step into it and I have done this in a couple of different ways.

The main way that I help women step into their power is through marketing and marketing their business online. So online is a big place. It’s a world of its own, and it’s really easy to get lost in the noise of the online world. And so my goal and my desire is to help these businesses really. Step in, find their voice and stand out of the noise.

And it’s not an easy feat. It’s, there’s a lot of noise. There are a lot of people online. There are a lot of competitors. I don’t really like to use that word, but my goal in helping women speak their brave is that my belief is, That you are your business’s greatest brand asset, that you are the differentiating factor of your business, of your mission, of your brand, and I want to help you stand out and.

Find your voice and find your story. Actually, you already know your story, but really use your voice too. Connect with people around you and to build an audience and to build your business and build your impact and change your life. Maybe your life is already your dream life and in many ways, I can sit here and say that.

I am living my dream life. I am living everything that I’ve wanted to be and do and have. But at the same time, I am also limiting myself to the possibilities that are out there. And I think so often that when we When we sit in this, oh, I’m okay with where I’m at and being content. I am not saying not to be content, but, but sometimes that mentality of just staying content holds you back.

And so I want to be an encouraging and an empowering voice. Helping you step out of that comfort zone and really step into your power and see how it changes your life for the better. And see how you start to dream bigger and your vision gets bigger and your impact gets bigger, and it becomes everything that you desire it to be.

And I wanna help you do that, but I wanna help you do that in a sustainable and intentional way. I, my belief and my values lie in family and in focusing on what truly matters to you. And because I am a mom and a wife and I adore all four of my boys. I mean, I have three kids, but. My husband’s my boy too.

And because I adore them all so much when I am with them, I want to be a hundred percent present. I wanna be a hundred percent present to my life, but I also love my business. And when I’m in my business, I want to be a hundred percent. I. Present to my business. So I help women not only just find their voices, not only just make an impact and grow their businesses online, but do it in a way that’s intentional and that allows them to be a hundred percent present wherever they’re at.

And that takes work and that takes strategy and it takes growth and, and mindset and. And belief, and I wanna help you get there. So thank you so much for joining me on this journey and to, and downloading my episodes and supporting me. Your support means the world and I want to support you.

So I wanna do that in a couple different ways. First of all, your story is important to me. If you have a story, a business, a mission of something that you wanna share with this world, I want you on this podcast. So I want women’s stories. I want truth and victory and love and support for a full community of women.

So if you have something to share with this world, I want you on the podcast. So that’s one way. Second way is if you have any ideas, any things that you want to learn more on and dig deeper in and you want more support on, and you wanna hear on this podcast, also drop that either in the comments, shoot me an email.

Find me on Instagram at She Speaks Brave and let me know what is on your heart and, and what maybe fears you have or questions you have on stepping into your power and speaking your brave. Do that and let me know what you wanna hear. I have a huge network of all different types of experts and women who are really just out there sharing their truth, sharing their message, sharing their skill and their expertise and their changing people’s lives.

And I want to I wanna be here as a support system to help you as you change your life. So if you have if you want to join me here on this podcast, let me know. And if you have any ideas of episodes, you wanna hear people topics, any of it, let me know. Again, shoot me a dm at She Speaks Brave on Instagram or send me an email.

All of my information will be in the show notes of this episode, but I just wanted to come back in and say welcome, and I’m so happy you’re here and I’m so grateful for your your support and your love. And I am, can’t wait to pour into you here. So thank you again for. Being on this journey with me and I can’t wait to be back and to share the next episode.

So I will talk soon. Bye.

Nicole Turner

Nicole Turner

I'm a small town girl, podcaster, designer, multiple-hat wearer, Jesus-follower, and wildly imperfect wife + mama. I have an obsession with helping ambitious women pursue their dreams while prioritizing their values + wellbeing. I'm dedicated to helping you cut the overwhelm, get unstuck, grow your confidence, ignite your results, and transform your life + your business... starting right now. Around here you'll find tips and tools to do just that.

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