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Make Over Your Marketing

Do you need to make over your marketing?

When I was a little girl, I would spend hours sitting at my grandmother’s vanity, playing with makeup. See, she would save all the samples she’d get from the beauty counter and create little makeup bags for me and my sister. More often than not, these samples would be comprised of the latest colors or newest trends and were not tailored to my skin tone or style (if you can even have a particular style at 5).

Makeup time when I was younger meant just dumping a bunch on my face and hoping for the best outcome. As I got older and continued my love for makeup, it took trial and error to find the right colors and techniques that fit the look I was going for. Sometimes I looked like the pretty, pretty princess, and sometimes… the evil queen. But, with time and practice (and some YouTube videos) I learned what worked best for me.

I’m a bit older now, and my love of makeup hasn’t changed, but as my life and career have pivoted, I’ve learned how important it is to have proper application and strategy. 

I see so many business owners doing the same thing with their marketing as I used to do with my makeup. They dump all the marketing things, tricks, hacks, and trends with a lack of strategy, direction, or consistency (or all of them). Sometimes they get lucky and their brand will look good enough to get them off the ground for a little bit and then sometimes, they end up looking like the evil queen. Catch my drift?

But, just like I had to eventually learn with makeup, your marketing requires proper foundations, goals, and implementation in order to have consistent and swoon-worthy results. The cool thing tho is that you don’t need years of trial and error to start making traction.

Here are a few ways you can stop chasing your tail and start showing up like the badass beauty queen you are.

3 Ways to Make Over Your Marketing for Swoon-Worthy Results

  1. Know your dream customer

    1. Who are they, what are they looking for, and what transformation do they want when it relates to your brand? This is one of the most important foundations of marketing. When you try to talk to everyone, you talk to no one. When you position yourself as a generalist, your audience doesn’t know why they need you, but when you position yourself as an expert in what you do best, then when your audience needs that thing, they know where to go. 
  2. Create a consistent + sustainable strategy

    1. We want our dream customers to know us, know what we do, and where to find us when they want/need us. We do this by having a consistent strategy and we save ourselves the burnout by making sure it is sustainable. When we live by the daily scramble, then we burn out and lose our consistency not just in our marketing efforts but in our message as well. 
    2. Building out your sales funnel and having a systemized, predictable strategy that brings in a flow of new clients will save you time, headaches, and money.
  3. Update the outdated to captivate your dream customer

    1. Your outdated online presence is costing you money. Its 2023 most people are online and your online presence is just as important as your physical location presence (if you have one, if not, your online presence IS the only thing people see). When searching for a service or learning about a new business, what is the first thing people do these days? They pull out their phone and check to see if that business has a website and online reviews. What they find could make or break their decision to do business with you.
    2. Appearance isn’t everything, we know this in both life and business, but it accounts for something, especially in business. Your business’s online presence and appearance don’t just include the way your business looks, but also the messaging and how it speaks to your customers as well as the value you add through content marketing.
    3. Think about it, if you walked into a hair salon and the decorations were outdated, the furniture mismatched (and not in the cute shabby chic way), there was no front desk and you weren’t able to talk to any of the stylists because they were busy or there was no way to contact them. You’d probably just turn around and walk out the door. The same goes for your online presence. Websites are outdated, there is no contact information, and your branding isn’t consistent so is it really you who they are contacting?


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Nicole Turner

Nicole Turner

I'm a small town girl, podcaster, designer, multiple-hat wearer, Jesus-follower, and wildly imperfect wife + mama. I have an obsession with helping ambitious women pursue their dreams while prioritizing their values + wellbeing. I'm dedicated to helping you cut the overwhelm, get unstuck, grow your confidence, ignite your results, and transform your life + your business... starting right now. Around here you'll find tips and tools to do just that.

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