Let It Burn

2023. Can you believe it? I can’t.

2022 was some year. Harder than 2020 (the first year of the pandemic) for sure. 2021 was different, but by 2022, I was wrung through the washer. 2022 broke me in so many ways. Every way really. (I don’t care if you’re reading this Sailor Brady). My inner life was burnt to the ground, everything I thought I was, everything I had worked towards up to this point, all of what I believed, any box I had ever been put in either by myself or by others. All of it, stripped and shed like a snake’s skin.

Let It Burn

Maybe a bit dramatic, but it was absolutely necessary. It was a hard, hard year and I couldn’t be who I was anymore, I had to let it burn. I needed to become something I wasn’t or maybe something I didn’t know I already was. Old Nicole needed to burn, the limiting beliefs, the shoulds, the fear, and the timidity. It all needed to go. And it did. Only my heart and soul were left, but barely.

There were many factors that played into this burning, some that I am not ready to share yet. SO many opportunities that required me to rise over and beyond what I thought possible. Opportunities that required a me that I wasn’t ready for but had to put forth. At times I didn’t hit the mark and at times I blew it out of the park. Isn’t that how life goes tho? We have to rise to the challenge and we don’t have any other choice.

The burning didn’t come without lessons learned. Lessons I look back on and am glad to have learned. I am coming into 2023 with a new perspective and a higher version of myself.

I am going to stop letting myself get held back from fear, be more focused on what matters most, and not let stress of what I can’t control paralyze me from loving my people (that’s you, too!) the best I can.

No big announcements, just a personal post to document my journey. I started this blog long ago as a place to inspire, empower, document, and share.

What can you expect to find here? Well, I’ve tried to niche down to just business stuff, but seriously, there is no fun in that and it was a roadblock to me just writing. So, I’m gonna add value in any way I can, mostly around marketing, motherhood, and holistic wellness since those are pretty main pillars in my everyday life. I hope you’ll join me. I’m far from perfect, but I do my best to give my best.

My motto for this year: Document, don’t create.


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I'm a small town girl, podcaster, multiple-hat wearer, and wildly imperfect wife + mama. I have an obsession with helping ambitious women pursue their dreams while prioritizing their values + wellbeing. I'm dedicated to helping you cut the overwhelm, get unstuck, grow your confidence, ignite your results, and transform your life + your business... starting right now. Around here you'll find tips and tools to do just that.

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