Five Things Your Business Needs in Order to Grow this Year

Whether you’re trying to learn how to start a business or you’re a seasoned pro creative entrepreneur, in this post, I wanted to share with you some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned and what I’ve found businesses needs to grow in 2022.

I’m sure we all can agree that 2020 threw us all for a loop. It wasn’t terribly hard (for me at least), but it had us on our toes.

But 2021? Now that was hard. 

If the year had a theme, it’d be “hold on, let’s add another thing”.

The year was a mishmash of major wins against a backdrop of life saying “let’s see if this will put you over the edge”. All the while, pregnancy (which is a massive blessing, yet this one really kicked my butt and made this super ambitious girl have to slow down – more on that later) gave way to the most chill, cutest little dude… 2.5 weeks ahead of his due date (!).

This threw a curveball into my normal go-getter, over-ambitious way of life and business. 

Being on the other side of it – for the most part – I can see now was a huge blessing.

5 things your business needs to grow

Let’s face it, most of us have been where we kinda cap out in our business.

Maybe we have been running most of the show by ourselves and it’s just not possible to add on more to our workload without burning out. And even though you may be feeling a bit tight with time and energy, you still have those dreams and goals of scaling your business. 

While seasons of hustle are necessary, we can do it without burning ourselves out. It is possible to scale without adding more.

Here are 5 takeaways that I have found necessary for business growth if you want to scale without burnout.

  1. Build your business then your brand. Do the work, get the clients before you set up funnels and branding and mission statements. Sometimes you know these things off the bat, and they are necessary BUT start doing the work first and then build up the brand. You will feel more confident in your offer and your messaging once you know what people want and what they don’t. 
  2. You need a plan. Marketing is necessary in order to scale your business. But marketing without a plan leads to the daily scramble. Ready to stop scrambling for leads and new customers? Grab my Thrive Intentionally Marketing Bootcamp to get a step-by-step framework DESIGNED FOR SMALL BUSINESSES, teaching you how to create a custom marketing strategy to help you scale your business.
  3. Be ruthless with your boundaries. Don’t let work consume your time. Put boundaries in place so that you are present to the moment and present to your family. 
  4. Mindset is everything. If you are going to scale, you need to let go of what is holding you back and usually it is all in your mindset. Start thinking like a 7-figure business owner and taking action like a 7-figure business owner. Make decisions from where you want to be, not where you are.
  5. Break down your goals and simplify by setting 90-day goals. Having big picture and long term goals are great, but they can be overwhelming. Is there a way to break those goals down into 90 day chunks? That way you can start making progress now instead of looking at the huge overwhelming mountain. 
  6. *Bonus!* Messy Action is necessary but then systems need to be in place in order to scale. To start getting momentum we need to just take action and most of the time that action is messy. We don’t know what works for us until we know what works for us, so dig in and take action. But then once you know what works, start putting systems into place so you are able to scale!

Imagine working from a place of intentionality and having the freedom to grow your business around your life instead of your business taking over your life. Of course there will be seasons of hustle. To be able to maximize your impact and your income while you LIVE LIFE is a goal most of us entrepreneurs and small business owners. 

If you are still wondering how to scale your business and find more balance (not necessarily perfect, but better) in your life, and think that having a strategy for your business and a step-by-step plan for growth in your business – then click here.

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