Thriving Among Chaos

Are you a little lost on what day is it too? I’d have to say that I’ve spent most of this quarantine so far in denial that this was going on. Don’t get me wrong, we have been quarantining, being responsible and following the suggested safety and health recommendations. But I was for sure that it was going to blow over and I am learning that this whole thing is going to be a marathon and not a sprint.

It’s been a mix of chaos and rest around here. As I am sure you can relate. Normal isn’t normal any longer and settling into a new normal can be both exhilarating and sad. It’s OK to mourn what used to be. It’s OK to give yourself time to get used to what is going on. It’s OK to change from day pj’s to night pj’s! During this time that we feel the need to keep it all together for our families, that we feel the need to be everything to everyone so that we can see them thrive we can’t forget to take care of ourselves as well. We can’t forget to give ourselves plenty of grace as we adjust.

Learning to thrive during this time is imperative to our mental health. During this time, it’s so easy for fear and anxiety to take over. For us to become consumed with all the things we are hearing and lose site of WHO is actually in control. And I don’t mean thriving in a way that you need to start a business or take on a new hobby. I mean thrive as in not let the current happenings in the world consume you that you are unable to function in a normal, healthy manner.

Here are a few of ways to thrive during this time of change:

1. SELF CARE! Take some extra time each day for you. Take a bath, paint your nails, read a book, take a nap. Meditate. Take some extra time to listen to your body and quiet your mind.

2. Gratitude Journal – Gratitude changes everything. Start each morning by writing down 3-5 things you are grateful for. They may start out as small, silly things but as the days pass everything will be brighter and you will default to giving thanks for the good things instead of worrying about the things out of your control.

3. Move your body. Take a walk. Join an online fitness program. Go for a run. Play soccer with your kids. Just get that heart rate up every day for at least 30 minutes. Not only is it important for your physical health, but your mental health will have greater benefits. So many gyms are offering online programs and free trials! Check them out!

4. Nourish your body. It’s so important for your long term health to be nourishing your body with whole and healthy foods. During this time of high stress, it’s SO easy to stress eat – I am preaching to the choir here! But with our short term health having the possibility to be affected, it’s SO important to focus on your long term health in all of this. Drink plenty of water, cut your alcohol intake, cut the processed sugars and feed yourself whole and healthy foods. Need some help with where to start?

Just reply to this email and I would be more than happy to help you get started with easy, healthy meals.

5. Nourish your soul. Girl, read your Bible more than you read the news! It will bring peace and comfort instead of worry and anxiety. Fill your heart with good things, good music, good books. What goes in, must come out. If you are feeding your soul anxious, stressful information – it is likely that you will be anxious and stressed.

If you are looking for community and connection, I am hosting a virtual book club on Monday evenings over Zoom. Here is the link to join if you’d like! https://nicolebuccio.com/bookclub/

When I started working on my goals and vision for She Speaks Brave I had no idea that this is where we would be a few short months later. Now, stronger than ever, I am so grateful for the direction God has been pushing me towards.


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