Jesus is Enough – March 2020 Bible Reading Plan


For as long as I can remember I have never felt enough. Good enough. Pretty enough. Christian enough. Whole enough. Smart enough. Ready enough.

It’s a struggle. And I know I am not the only one who struggles with it. We don’t feel enough so we fill ourselves, our lives with cheap fillers. Trying so desperately to feel enough. As I type this out I am already seeing how God has worked this out. As I have been on this healing journey, I have been praying and begging God to help me feel worthy, help me feel enough. And lately, everything I’ve been reading has been very much focused on “enoughness”. But not how I would have expected.

In 1 Corinthians 2:3-5, Paul is admitting that he isn’t enough, that he was weak, and scared, and trembling. But he also is saying how he wasn’t relying on his own human wisdom or knowledge. But on God’s power. That stopped me in my tracks. I don’t have to be good at what God calls me to do, I just need to be willing and trust in God’s power. I don’t need to rely on myself to be enough. He is enough. Jesus is enough. I need to lay down my selfish pride and rest in His power. He wants to be enough for us. He wants us to stop striving to do it all for Him, but instead ask Him to walk alongside us and do it WITH Him.

With Him, I am enough. He is enough. With Him, you are enough. Stop striving for enoughness, God has freely given it to you through Jesus. Demonstrate the Spirits Power and walk with Him in your calling.

Jesus is enough!

In my study of enoughness, this month’s verses have been key factors in surrendering my need to feel enough. They aren’t one time reads but foundations to build your worth and identity in Christ and I wanted to share them with you!

Do you struggle with feeling like you need to prove your worth, whether to those around you or to yourself? Your struggle is welcome here! Join me and other Jesus-loving sisters as we dig into God’s word together this month!

Dear sister, live free from the approval of others, live free from trying to prove yourself. Don’t look outward, don’t look inward, look upward. You have NOTHING to prove. Jesus is enough. He loves you as you are and who you are. Rest in HIS power.


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Jesus is enough


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