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October Goals

October Goals and Beating Your Overwhelm

I can’t believe October is here already and it’s time to make October goals. The last few months have flown by. God has been doing amazing things around here. Maybe not all measurable but surely in my own life and outlook. September I began my journey of finding true joy. I’ve struggled with finding joy in this motherhood journey. Let’s all just face the facts – being a mama is HARD!

But thank you Jesus for those struggles. They have kept me reliant on Him, His strength and open to so many great blessings in my life. My journey started by reading the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Honestly, I have found reading this book for a while now. I mean, I know how to have gratitude, or so I thought. Getting into the book was difficult for me. But then I found myself every time I listened to it (check out this post for more info on why/how I read as a busy mama) having to grab a pen, paper and my Bible and really digging in deep. The viewpoint of this book has literally changed my life. It has help this anxious mama, turn fear into thanks – because you can’t be giving thanks and worrying at the same time. (Try it, it totally works).

This new viewpoint has totally changed how I have refocused my goals and my outlook on SO many things in my life. It has allowed me to slow down, be open to Gods working and plan and really focus in on my mission and my vision for the work I feel lead to do. It has given me a heart of worship, praise and joy. Things I have struggled to find for a very long time. It has also made me very thirsty for Gods teaching and directions, how could you not constantly be thanking God for all the things in your life, even little every day things – like the vantage point of a toddler, their curiosity, the song that just played on the radio or the extended summer time we just had because it meant extra sunshine – and not want to be closer to Him and hear His voice. What a new outlook this has given me! I encourage you to read this book. It is well worth it.

I set my goals using Powersheets. They are my favorite goal-setting tool.

First, let’s look at September Goals:

  1. Get Laundry caught up and build a system  Oh my goodness mama, this was one of the best things I have ever implemented in my home. I can honestly say, I am caught up on laundry – which I have NEVER been able to do. I got the idea from Emily Ley – one complete load of laundry a day. It took me a day or so to get completely caught up, but once I did, I stayed there. It’s awesome! I’ll be sharing this method over in my Facebook group this month – Buccio Baby Mama’s
  2. One-on-one date with each of my boysJosiah, Sebastian and Sterling  So I was able to mostly complete this goal. I got two dates this month with Josiah, my hubby, which is rare but I’ll take it. Sterling doesn’t go to school on Friday’s so this has turned into our little date day. As far as Sebastian, this one is going to be a little tricky – I am going to have to be intentional about spending 1:1 time with him because he goes to school more often and then usually Sterling is with us too when we go out. I’ll try again this month.
  3. Intentional about my Essential Oils – learning, using and sharing about them.  Seriously – this goal has skyrocked this month. I use my oils daily (have been for quite some time) but actually sharing them has proved to be another HUGE blessing for my family! I’ll be sharing about this more later this month!
  4. Routine in place – schools in ya’ll, I gotta get this ship back up and running on a routine!  I think we have it down. For the most part at least. I realized I had way over booked us and needed to cut back on some things for now but slowing down is never a bad thing. Love the routine, but grace is totally necessary too!
  5. Finish One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp (ahhhhhmazing book by the way!)  
  6. Read one other book – haven’t picked it yet  So I ended up reading a couple books – The Whole Brain Child, Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, Gameplan – Basically, I was listening to a book while I did everything, cooking, cleaning, sewing, showering haha it was crazy, but they were all so good!
  7. Less scrolling and better time management  I was better at this but still would like to do better.
  8. Be intentional about going to church every week We did miss two weeks because of yucky allergies but the two weeks everyone was healthy and well rested we went and it was great!
  9. Be intentional about Sunday Prep – still working the kinks outta this one, but once I do I’ll share it – it’s a life saver!  This has been a lifesaver for our family. Still working out kinks, but I think it’s gonna take time to really nail it down.
  10. Plan the week ahead This is a must for me. I just started being more intentional about using a digital calendar with my paper planner so that I don’t have to lug my big planner around. 
  11. Practice Gratitude
  12. Rock my first Webinar!! Yes, check it out! It’s all about Infant Sleep <- everyone need more information about that ??  this was amazing! I also launched the Infant Sleep Refresh Program and have helped so many mama’s already come up with a sleep approach that not only builds healthy sleep habits but that they also feel good about!


I’m super excited about my October goals, as usual there’s a lot of exciting things happening! I set my goals using Cultivate What Matters Shop‘s Powersheets – they have been a game changer in the way I set my goals.

October Goals

  1. One on one date with each of my boys – Josiah, Sebastian and Sterling
  2. Finish the book Chase the Lion – seriously another MUST read!
  3. Stop scrolling – find other things to do (i.e. read, edit pictures, engage in Buccio Baby Mama’s or on IG)
  4. Put together an email funnel for my programs/freebies
  5. Launch Ring Slings by the end of the month
  6. Learn and tackle Facebook Ads
  7. Reach monthly income goal – I’m nervous about this one, I don’t like number goals BUT I am praying boldly this month and working hard, trusting that God will help me bless my family financially and take some pressure off my husbands shoulders.
  8. Book three Infant Sleep Refresh Clients – yes, another numbers goal, praying hard and trusting God
  9. Host 3-4 Essential Oil Classes and add 4 more people to my team – I’m super excited about this one! This is totally a God thing!

Weekly Goals:

  1. Keep the Sabbath – yes, it sounds just as old-fashioned to me too, but I really feel this is something God is really challenging me to do. This includes Church every Sunday, no business on Sunday – family day, limited social media use (ideally I’d love none)
  2. Priorities check
  3. Blog post
  4. Plan the week ahead and Sunday Prep
  5. Meal Plan

Daily Goals:

  1. Cultivate Gratitude – continue to learn and practice giving thanks
  2. Time in the Word and in prayer
  3. Emotional check and essential oils that will help emotional balance that day
  4. Be present
  5. Burn Bootcamp
  6. H2O – I need to be getting in more water a day. I am currently averaging about 75 oz a day, would like to get 100 oz
  7. Lights out by 10:30 pm

I’d love for you to share your October goals with me in the comments!

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