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I’m Pregnant … Now What?! Quick Start Guide to Your Pregnancy

pregnant now what

Congratulations! You’ve recently found out that you are pregnant. Whether this is a planned pregnancy, a surprise or something in between, we are happy to be at your service through the next nine months and beyond.

I’m Pregnant Now What?!

Now that you are actually pregnant, you may be asking yourself, now what? What am I supposed to do/not do now? As I’m sure you’ve already found out, there are tons of do’s and don’ts scattered around the internet and they can be a little confusing to follow. In this blog I will outline a few of the first steps to take as you prepare for your first trimester. I want you to look back at this time and feel relieved that you planned ahead and prepared for what was to come!

1. Make a list of who to tell – Some women want to shout their pregnancy to the world while others want to keep it to themselves. Either choice is the right choice as long as it was made by you! When you do feel ready, make a list of the most important people to tell. We suggest telling people that you are close to and live in a close vicinity to. Its difficult to “hide” a pregnancy from people who see you every day. Whether its bloating, acne, or nausea, you may want some of your closest confidantes in on the secret. After you’ve had a chance to tell these people, make a list of people who are ready to celebrate this pregnancy with you. Pregnancy is such an amazing but difficult time, especially the first trimester, and having support can be just what the doctor ordered.

2. Start documenting – You may feel like bloat is the new baby bump, but 10 years down the road those first few weeks pictures will be priceless. Watching your body change through a series of pictures is one of the coolest things to see! A great app for documenting is LittleNugget. Belly pictures, cravings, and all of the above are such fun memories to look back on, get started as soon as you can!

3. Interview some OB’s and Midwives – In Northern Virginia, we have hundreds of amazing caregiver options at our fingertips. Ask around, call the offices and sit down with some of your top picks for your caregiver during this time. You will be seeing this person or people a lot during the next 9 months. Ask them questions about their recent experiences, philosophy and the way that they and their partners practice. Check out hospitals, OB offices and birth centers to get a feel for what you want during your pregnancy and labor. In Northern Virginia pregnant women have so many options, take advantage of them.

4. Relax! Whether this is your first or tenth baby, try to relax! Revel in the new pregnancy joy and excitement. Surround yourself with people who are just as excited as you are and try to embrace the coming newness in your life! Sleep as much as possible and enjoy the next 12 weeks.

5. If all else fails and a friend is what you need, Call your doula. I am here for you whenever you may need me. Pregnancy is full of questions, thoughts, musings and concerns. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, I am always here.

Still feeling overwhelmed? Want someone to ease your fears, share in your excitement or answer all of those questions flooding your head? Let’s chat! Set up a FREE chat with me here!

Nicole Turner

Nicole Turner

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