We Survived The First Day of Preschool

This is an acceptable lunch right?!

the first day of preschool

I thought so and I definitely felt like it was well deserved. Because after all, I did survive the first day of preschool. Yes, I. Sebastian, I wasn’t worried about him. He’s been ready and talking about it for the last few weeks. Just last week on our way to the open house to meet his teachers he told me how “Sebastian goes to school, mommy goes home.”

Me on the other hand, well, that’s a different story. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve been looking forward to this day for a while now. A few hours of only having to chase around one crazy boy, some one on one time with said crazy boy and the chance for Sebastian to get some structure. We ended up only putting him in a class that is once a week for three hours. Nothing if you ask me, he could have totally handled two or three days. BUT, I was late to the game and that was all there was room for (plus it’s better on my checkbook right now too) the one day a week class – so it works for now.

first day of preschool


It all started yesterday (the day before his first day of preschool). I had big plans – we were going to have the best day. Mommy wasn’t going to do any work and we were gonna have some fun! We were gonna have a nice yummy breakfast and watch some cartoons, then we were gonna get dressed and go get some new shoes and then go to the play ground and play our little hearts out until it was desperately time for a nap. Well… breakfast was requested as cereal not the usual pancakes, as mommy was cleaning up I turned on some music so we could dance around the kitchen and the song “Slow Down” by Nichole Nordeman came on – just make sure you have a box of tissues near by when you listen.

There went my day. I was a crying blubbery mess thinking about my baby going to preschool! I mean what was I doing? Was I rushing him?! It was too soon, he couldn’t be ready to be in preschool yet, he had to still be home with me unable to leave my side. And then I realized it was only one day a week – it was good for him – he loves people – Gods got his arms around him – my baby isn’t a baby anymore and that is O.K. !


File_000 (39)

So my day yesterday was full of random breakdowns and pep talks to myself. Today was much better. I was able to drop him off with out crying, although the tears were close. He was so excited and I didn’t want to ruin that with my over protective mama bear worries. God has made it clear this is where he is to be and I am SO excited to see what comes through this experience – both in Sebastian and in the rest of us as we watch him bloom and grow into his own person!

Needless to say, Sebastian had a great day and already is asking to go back (before we even left school acutally) to “skoo.” Sterling and mommy got to have some time together which is going to take some adjusting to, but it will be fun 🙂

How’d you do mama? Did you survive the first day of preschool?

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