Seeing God In The Little Things – No Sleep and No Caffine!

A couple of weeks ago my pretty good sleeper starting fighting bed time, it would take him forever to fall asleep and it was a fight almost every night. Naps were even more of a fight during the day. I was left with an extremely over tired baby. I started to chalk it up to a growth spurt/sleep regression. Then, there would be a night of going to sleep like a champ, I’d nurse him and lay him down at his bedtime and he’d be out. We’d have a couple days of no sleep, then a random day of sleep.

So, I started to pick apart my days, what was I eating, what were we doing and then it hit me.
I was a new, daily coffee drinker. I had just picked up the habit of enjoying a nice big iced coffee every morning. The day’s he slept were the day’s I hadn’t gotten my coffee. Bummer – I had just begun enjoying that extra burst of energy that it was giving me in the morning because I am NOT a morning person and this little boy is desperately trying to make me one.

Well guess what I had yesterday

…at 3pm nonetheless. A nice big Dunkin Donut’s Iced Mocha. It was delicious!

By four a.m. last night I had written two blog posts (not including this one) and researched my next couple projects and put together a material list for them and was still restless. I was awake for Sebastian’s middle of the night feeding and he was back to sleep without a hiccup in my night accomplishments. On top of it, I had an overtired, restless 6 month old at 11pm last night and then a wired little boy at 6am who now refuses to take any sorts of a nap. Needless to say this morning I am beyond exhausted. You would think I would have learned by now. Definitely not worth it.

{He was sitting up in the middle of his boppy a couple minutes before…look out world – Sebastian is on the move!}

So here I am, exhausted and without coffee to get me through my day and what did my devotions end up being on – a surrendered life and how we need to be willing to surrender our grasp on all that we possess, our desires and everything else in our lives. When we choose to surrender all that we have God will equip us to do all that He requires of us. So in something as silly as coffee that I was ever so quickly becoming reliant on to get me through my day God was using to say “Hold up! Your strength is found through ME, not coffee.”  He will get me through my day, He will give me that extra burst of energy to carry out His will for the day as long as I stay reliant on Him. Not that I can’t enjoy a cup of coffee here and there – I just gotta make sure it’s decaf.  🙂

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